What I Do

UX, design, illustration, and front-end development.

I'm a designer that fully believes in Lean UX principals. I push for meaningful cross-functional communication, and work closely with developers to release products fast and early to pivot on user feedback. My preference is to use a flexible toolset that makes sense for the job at hand.

I excel as an early-stage product designer, but can also help out with the front-end or product management. I'm passionate about creating enjoyable experiences that are not cumbersome or distracting, and strive to design interfaces that are intuitive to use without requiring conscious thought.

My expertise includes: user interface guidelines and component libraries; wireframes, prototypes, and user interface mockups; user interviews, usability testing, and surveys; advanced skills with Sketch and the Adobe Creative Suite; development skills including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Bootstrap.

Feel free to contact me via email.

Hands down one of my favorite people with whom I've ever had the pleasure of working. Optimism that doesn't quit, a focus on extreme simplicity, and an innate ability to rapidly work through really complex UX problems. His presentation skills and EQ in a group are flawless, he takes and incorporates feedback with aplomb, but stands up for what's right if he doesn't agree.

Doug Aley
Chief Revenue Officer at Ever Co.

In the time I've been a developer and manager, I'm not sure I've bumped into another UX professional with the unique blend of design, branding, user empathy, and technical insight that Travis brings to all of his work. It's the effortless chemistry he has with both business and engineers that has drawn so many people to pursuing a work relationship with him over the years. Travis is deeply principled, ethical, in touch with the modern Web, and capable of digesting the most complex business and user problems– making the resulting experience so simple as to seem like it should have been obvious from the start. He is a truly gifted professional and a powerful addition to any seriously product-focused team.